SFLHCC E-Newsletter Maintaining our Members Informed and United on our Ongoing Virtual Initiatives, upcoming events and Platforms Available for you

SFLHCC E-Newsletter
Maintaining our Members Informed and United on our Ongoing Virtual Initiatives, upcoming events and Platforms Available for you
Dear SFLHCC Members,
I am so happy to reach out to you weekly with member and event updates. Please remember to join us for The 15th Annual SFLHCC Viva Miami Hispanic Heritage Business Expo (Virtual Edition) Thursday, October 1, 2020. Thank you for your continuous support.
Liliam M. Lopez
South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

"A Business Minute with Lily Lopez" featuring Steve Goldberg, Senior Vice President Operations & Hospitality of Southwest Airlines
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Upcoming Guests:
Superintendent Alberto Carvalho
Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Sheikh Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi, aka Green Sheikh
CEO of Al Ihsan Association and founder of GreenSheikh Academy
Luis Arango
Head of International Wealth Management, SVP
Truist Bank
Lileana (Lily) de Moya  
The de Moya Foundation 
Ramiro Cavazos
President & CEO
United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Photo not avaliable
Alejandro Calderon
Sales Director
Humana MarketPoint in Miami-Dade and Monroe County
Gabriel Duran
HCM District Manager
Councilman Jesus Tundidor
City of Hialeah
Thank you to "A Business Minute" Sponsors
New Members
Thank you to our members who renewed with us. We value you!
Member Renewals
Broward County Commission Hispanic Heritage Month Proclamation presentation to SFLHCC
The Honorable Mayor Dale Holness of Broward County presents The South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce with Proclamation for Hispanic Heritage Month in recognition for the great work the SFLHCC does for the community. President/CEO Liliam M. Lopez received proclamation on behalf of SFLHCC and thanked Mayor Dale Holness on behalf of the Chairman of the Board, Roland Sanchez-Medina, Jr., Esq., the SFLHCC Executive Board and Board of Directors.
Upcoming Webinars:
This year we are combining our two Signature Annual Expos, Viva Miami Hispanic Heritage Business Expo and our Diversity Health Fair. We are proud to continue serving our members and the community via a digital experience. We have wonderful panel discussions lined up for both "The Wellness of our Economy" and "The Wellness of Our Community" sessions. Make sure to register for the Viva Miami Digital Expo Sessions
"Seagrass die-off, Hypoxia, and Fish Kills:
Signs of Biscayne Bay’s Declining Health” 
by Dr. Steve Davis, Vice President of Communications & Engagement/Senior Ecologist, The Everglades Foundation
The hypoxia (a deficiency of oxygen in water) and fish kills reported in upper Biscayne Bay last week are an increasingly common occurrence in our shallow coastal bays. The magnitude of this fish kill and its proximity to such a large human population is a big reason why this environmental crisis is drawing so much attention. While nutrients (mainly nitrogen and phosphorus) and organic matter from sewage, fertilizers, and other sources are a likely culprit, temperature is also playing a key role.
Biscayne Bay is divided into two sections, with downtown Miami serving as the dividing point (refer to map below). To the south of downtown Miami, the coastline is less developed and there are natural shoreline features like mangroves. Importantly, the southern bay is well-flushed by the Atlantic Ocean, as there are few barriers to tidal water exchange. This keeps pollutants from accumulating to a great extent in the southern bay. To the north of downtown Miami, the upper bay’s coastline is generally more developed and the shoreline is more “hardened” with few mangroves or other natural coastal features. Also, upper Biscayne Bay’s shallow waters are isolated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Miami Beach barrier island. This results in very little tidal exchange with the Atlantic Ocean, thus allowing pollutants and organic matter to accumulate over time as they would in a lake or a pond.
Water quality aside, hotter water holds less dissolved oxygen needed by fish and shellfish. Therefore, hypoxia can be a problem in many water bodies during summer months. Nutrients and organic matter from fertilizers, sewage spills, and leaky septic tanks can tip the balance of healthy aquatic environments by enhancing the growth of bacteria and algae. Like fish and shellfish, most bacteria and algae consume oxygen to survive, so their presence can exacerbate hypoxia.
As our climate continues to warm, water temperatures will also continue to warm. This is especially critical during the nighttime, when plants and algae are not producing oxygen through photosynthesis. As nighttime water temperatures continue to rise, the competing demands for a smaller available pool of oxygen held can lead to hypoxia and fish kills like we are seeing in upper Biscayne Bay. Having healthy seagrass can keep the water oxygenated, even during hot summer months. However, upper Biscayne Bay experienced a major seagrass die-off in 2017 that has not recovered.
What can be done about this? Given the vulnerability of enclosed coastal water bodies like upper Biscayne Bay and Indian River Lagoon, more work is needed to curb the loading of nutrients and organic waste (especially through leaky septic systems and sewage spills) into our coastal waters. Seagrass restoration in upper Biscayne Bay should also be a priority, as healthy seagrass meadows provide fish habitat, a trap for nutrients and organic matter, and a critical source of oxygen to the water during summer months. At the global scale, action must be taken to reduce carbon (CO2 and methane) emissions. Our planet continues to warm, and Florida is increasingly feeling the effects in both air temperatures (see NOAA national temperature map below) and water temperatures.
Map of Biscayne Bay, showing the lower, well-flushed section of the bay (to the south of downtown Miami) and the upper, more-developed and enclosed area of the bay (to the north). Note the different colors surrounding the shoreline from the upper bay to the lower bay, with white and gray depicting a more developed coastline and green depicting vegetation like coastal mangroves.
Feature Heading
The location of the recent hypoxia and fish kills is identified by the red dot.
Heading Here
NOAA National Centers for Environmental Education map of temperature percentiles for January through July 2020 showing that nearly all of Florida has seen record high temperatures this year.
Photos clockwise from upper left: Autonomous water sampler used by Florida International University to measure water quality across upper Biscayne Bay; dead fish collected from Biscayne Bay; distressed Southern stingrays gathering near the affected shoreline of Biscayne Bay; and visualization of dissolved oxygen data collected around the Julia Tuttle Causeway, with red dots indicating areas of hypoxia. All images provided by Florida International University’s Institute of Environment.
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Liliam M. Lopez
2020 Miami Walk to End Alzheimer's Committee Chair
Dear Chamber Member,
The Alzheimer's Association is leading the way to Alzheimer's first survivor. This year I am Miami's Walk to End Alzheimer's Committee Chair and am excited to represent our community in such a grand way! This is an important mission and I can't take on this disease alone- we need you! 
Please join me by registering your team today? Together we can make a real difference in the fight against the nation's sixth-leading cause of death. Click here to register your team today!
Walk to End Alzheimer's began in 1989 and is held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide. It's the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research. In 2019 Walk to End Alzheimer's raised over $40 million and engaged over 500,000 participants. 
Want to learn more or get involved in a larger capacity? Please reach out to my staff partner, Andrea M. Gonzalez for more information at Involvement includes Corporate Teams, Sponsorship, and Committee Involvement. 
Gracias por tu apoyo! 
Register and learn more here:
Don't forget to donate below!
Until there's a cure,
Liliam M. Lopez
333 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite 300
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 534-1903

We have many members who have lost their jobs due to the current pandemic that has affected our economy adversely. We have started a new program to help our members connect with members who are hiring. Therefore, we would like to hear from our member companies that are currently hiring to see how we can help those who find themselves in need of a job. 

If you are hiring, please reach out to Johanna Lopez at at our office.
If you recently lost your job due to COVID-19, please contact us or fill the below information and send it to Johanna at . We will try to connect you with those who are hiring.

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Years with Company: ______________________________

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Phone Number: __________________________________
Job Posting
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If you interested in purchasing, contact:
Mayte Loro
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