Member to Member Benefits

Member to Member Benefits

Benefits Subcommittee

SFLHCC’s mission is to serve as a forum, a resource center that advocates for Hispanic and Minority owned business. As a result, the chamber is a hub center bringing value as well as implement benefits to its members. Let us show you the steps and process that will make offering benefits to chamber members based on services and products offered through provider members:

  1. Subcommittee sends invitations to members to participate as provider member through a form, asking about the products and services to be offered to every SFLHCC member.

  2. Member interested in being a provider, provides a description of products and services; following the subcommittee’s specifications of the content to be included in the welcome package, SFLHCC website and related emails.

  3. Subcommittee checks out the content before the publication, then includes the member on the list of providers.

  4. Subcommittee coordinates each one of the contacts, meetings between the provider and user members including registration of the results thereof.

The South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce offers many benefits for its members as well as a variety of resources. In addition, The South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce members exchange discounted products and services providing SFLHCC members the Member to Member Benefits. Any member can offer services and / or products after registering in the benefits subcommittee. Members may access and obtain benefits through the subcommittee’s registered member providers. As a member of the SFLHCC are you interested in participating as a provider offering your services or products to other members following the procedures defined by the SFLHCC benefits subcommittee? If yes, every product or service to be offered needs to be described. Please, send email to the

Specifications of the Description:

  • The vocabulary must be simple, without highlighting in a superlative way.

  • The terminology and vocabulary must be generic.

  • Unique selling proposition (USP): Why should a member buy from this provider rather than from the nearest competitor? Based on a member’s current needs/solution focused marketing.